About Me - Kevin Hellhake
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About Me

Kevin Hellhake

UI Designer

Kevin HellhakeWith over 25 yrs. of web experience, I have designed and developed over 50 websites and helped with dozens of applications. Design experience in Photoshop & Illustrator for design production and Adobe After Effects for prototype interaction testing. More recently have had lots of opportunity to design and develop mobile UI and interaction. Programming knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, as well as some server-side and database experience help me keep a well-rounded skill set. As a designer, user interface plays a huge role in every project. In study and practice, I continue to hold end-user usability to utmost importance.

Over 8 yrs. printing / imposition experience, which involved detail oriented measurements and extensive use of industry standard graphics and layout programs such as Photoshop, In Design, Quark & Illustrator.

I take a great interest in self-leadership as an employee and team member. Leadership books are a staple of my reading library and continue to study and grow in all areas of my profession.

Specialties: A life-long love of art and design, now carried out via the digital medium utilizing industry standard design programs such as Photoshop & Illustrator. User Interface and interaction, hand-coded CSS, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery & Angular. I also have written a number of sites in PHP and mySQL helping to round out my interaction programming experience.

Side passions:  I consider myself a very well-rounded artist diving deep into a large variety of topics including: photography, graphic design, lead guitar, martial arts & speaking spanish.